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Friday, August 1, 2008

morning ah ... ppl sms to say don nid to bring full u for npcc , den one min say nid one min say don nid , one say must bring one say don bring ... aiyo make me so luan sia somemore early in e morning lor ... haiz .. but i still bring lor in case mah
first period is eng but e teacher nv cm sia .. den sit there tok tok lor .. aft recess is bio , gt test sia .. nv learn leh .. last min lor .. at e end still don noe hw to do tats y tink it is very difficult but a lot of ppl aso nv study lar so if fail , fail together mah .. aft taet go bio lab to do practical lor .. test for don noe wat thing lar
haiz .. math teacher nv cm again but gt relief teacher cal don noe wat de .. gif one ws to do for one hour lor .. e clz make a lot of noise den teacher scold us sia .. den jiu finish sch liao
li shan forget to bring full u lor den wn to go home n take sia but one cl say don go one cl say go aiyo very luan again lor .. at e end nv go lar .. she so scare to b scolded lor
bcoz of np must fall in at 1 plus lor so early sia .. but actually is for us to learn e ndp dance but hor very weird de lor .. tink still must dance on national day sia sure throw face de lor
dance finish le jiu do drills n marchin .. untill nw my leg so tired lor but aso very funny wen we doing e drils all e funny funny things happen lor even e CIs aso laughing at us lor .. haiz 7 plus den reach home sia ..
recently hor gt a lot of ppl sick lor , teacher sick , sis friend sick , clzmates sick .. haiz e virus is like almost everywher lor .. must b careful liao ... =)

Signed Off @ 5:20 AM

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

morning , cannot wake up sia ..
first period home econs =) we cook stir-fried noodles den aft tat gt test sia ..
aft recess is bio go lab do practical mix e don noe wat thing together den boil den will change colour de lor .. some colour nice sia orange red red de
bio finish late lor coz nt enough time den jiu drag dao eng e period .. eng teacher gif biscuit sia coz we last time play e game den win lor .. eat in clz but she nv scold sia mayb she tink our clz hopeless ordee ba ..our clz go crazy at first lor she cannot control den aft a while jiu nt so noisy liao mrs loh nv come so happy lor first time she nv cm sia whole so happy Yippee !!!
assembly someone lock e door make qi lao shi so angry tat she say if nobody own up must stay back lor .... so sad den donnoe y somebody say something jiu don nid stay back liao
aft ach stay back a while den go pasar malam walk walk jiu go home le .. go home so tired lor bath le jiu slp until 6 plus
so sianz lor tmr gt three tests bio , geo n eng haiz ... don really like secondary sch life lor everytime test de ... don noe y my emotions a bit crazy aso cn b one min hyper one min emo de ...

Signed Off @ 3:19 AM

Monday, July 21, 2008

today is racial harmony day ! moe ppl comin to our sch sia , make everyone so busy n must reach sch by 7pm today ... so early lor teachers say must come earlier to prepare ma but at e end moe ppl come so late lor ... once reach sch , teacher ask me to change to qi pao n black shoe ... make me wear e black high heel shoe for almost e whole day lor .... nw my foot red red pain pain de lor n e stupid qi pao ... i nv wn to wear qi pao again its so terrible ... wen e moe ppl come , i tink i gt stage fright , i suddenly forget wat i nid to say n my mind was blank so afraid .. but luckily i anyhw say a bit den jiu ok liao .. ltr go back clz rite reflections , so sianz lor .... nth to do coz teacher let us watch don noe wat video abt racial harmony day de .. aft sch , started to rain play a bit volleyball jiu g home liao ... at home , sis sick .. slpin at home .. tmr i s my special day bcoz it is my birthday .. i am going to b a teenager le no more a child but i don wish to grow up .. hw i wish i will b forver a child ... but i noe tat will nt happen ..

Signed Off @ 5:10 AM

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sianz ar.......mornig suppose to hav experiment at the end dun hav cuz of the stupid thermometer takin cut the period sia nvr do anythin l0r after tat ge teacher scold coz half the class fail the test eng was the best everaybody go crazy especially me made the teacher so angrt sia after sch do the remix of dancing went crazy again den go amk hub walk walk jiu go home liao den rain sia ... so sianz lor tmr still gt math test ........

Signed Off @ 7:31 AM

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